06.05.2003 The State Theatre, Falls Church, VA, USA

Set 1: Intro > Blue Echo > Anchor Drops, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey, Hajimemashite > The Fussy Dutchman[1], Push the Pig

Set 2: Power of Soul[2], FF > #5, Water[3] > August[4] > Get In The Van, Prowler

Encore: Cherub Rock

[1] with Walk This Way (Aerosmith) jam
[2] began with The Star Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key) tease
[3] with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) tease
[4] with We're Going to War (Mark Knopfler) tease; ended with Q*Bert jam with Get In the Van teases

Support: Addison Groove Project