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Show Date Song Notes
2019-10-17 Der Bluten Kat with So Fresh, So Clean (Outkast) teases
2019-08-22 Deeper with Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead) teases
2019-08-17 Higgins with Milestones (Miles Davis) and Killer Joe (Benny Golson) teases and So What (Miles Davis) jam
2019-08-16 Breaker with Black Market (Weather Report) teases
2019-06-23 Bridgeless with Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) teases
2019-06-23 It Doesn't Matter with Back In Black (AC/DC) teases
2019-06-22 Utopian Fir with Fool In the Rain (Led Zeppelin) tease
2019-03-30 The Bottom Half with The Boys of Summer (Don Henley) tease
2019-03-30 Ringo with Over the Hills and Far Away (Led Zeppelin) tease
2019-03-29 The Triple Wide with Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) teases and jam
2019-01-26 Making Flippy Floppy with One Nation Under a Groove (Funkadelic) and Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach) teases
2019-01-26 Prowler with Imperial March (Star Wars) (John Williams) tease
2019-01-26 The Silent Type with Don't Stand So Close to Me (The Police) teases
2019-01-25 Night Nurse with Rockit (Herbie Hancock) tease
2019-01-25 In The Kitchen with Australian Lullaby tease
2018-12-31 Looks with Can't You Hear Me Knocking (The Rolling Stones) tease
2018-12-31 Dr. Feelgood with Thunderstruck (AC/DC) tease
2018-12-31 Auld Lang Syne with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns; with Jingle Bells (Pierpont) tease
2018-12-31 Booth Love with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns; with Carol of the Bells (Leontovych) teases
2018-12-30 Utopian Fir with Misunderstanding (Genesis) tease
2018-12-29 2x2 with Can't You Hear Me Knocking (The Rolling Stones) teases
2018-12-28 In The Kitchen with Carol of the Bells (Leontovych) jam and Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) tease; unfinished
2018-09-01 The Triple Wide with (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult) tease
2018-09-01 Resolution with Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) tease
2018-09-01 Speak Up with Underworld (Super Mario Brothers) theme (Koji Kondo) teases
2018-08-31 Hajimemashite with Roundabout (Yes) tease
2018-08-31 Wappy Sprayberry with Beat It (Michael Jackson) teases
2018-08-30 Cut Off with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin), (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult), and Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) teases
2018-08-12 2x2 with Feels So Good (Chuck Mangione) tease from Brendan
2018-08-12 Ringo with The Emperor (Donald Byrd) teases from Ryan and Joel
2018-08-11 Divisions with Third Stone from the Sun (Jimi Hendrix) teases
2018-08-11 All In Time with One (Metallica) teases
2018-07-07 Utopian Fir with Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith) tease
2018-07-05 Divisions with The Star-Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key) tease
2018-05-25 Partyin' Peeps with Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash) tease
2018-05-25 All In Time with Baba O’Reilly (The Who) tease
2018-05-24 Resolution with Today (Smashing Pumpkins) teases
2018-03-16 2x2 with Feels So Good (Chuck Mangione) teases
2018-02-16 Cemetery Walk II with 25 Or 6 To 4 (Chicago) teases
2018-02-16 The Triple Wide with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne), Glide (The New Deal) , and Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) teases
2018-01-13 Draconian with Cowboys from Hell (Pantera) teases
2017-09-02 Robot World with Jake on keys; with Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Rolling Stones) teases
2017-09-02 The Linear with Glory teases
2017-09-01 Utopian Fir with Kashmir (Led Zeppelin) tease
2017-08-18 Utopian Fir with So Fresh, So Clean (Outkast) tease
2017-06-30 Divisions with Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve) teases
2017-06-30 Resolution with Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) tease
2017-05-28 Glory began with Simple Gifts (Elder Joseph Brackett) tease
2017-05-27 Prowler with The Imperial March (John Williams) and Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen) teases
2017-05-26 Der Bluten Kat with Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) teases
2017-05-26 Remind Me with Roundabout (Yes) tease
2017-04-22 The Floor with Pipeline (The Chantays) and Roundabout (Yes) teases
2017-04-21 Wife Soup with All In Time tease
2017-01-15 Utopian Fir with The Spirit of Radio (Rush) tease
2017-01-14 Puppet String with Soul Food II tease
2017-01-14 The Triple Wide with 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago) tease
2017-01-13 40's Theme with I Keep Forgettin' (Michael McDonald) teases
2017-01-13 Divisions with Third Stone from the Sun (Jimi Hendrix) teases
2017-01-13 Miami Virtue with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) tease
2017-01-13 Last Man Swerving with The Floor tease

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