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The following 34 shows are on this list:

2018-06-30 Asbury Park, NJ
2018-01-28 Jim Thorpe, PA
2018-01-18 New York, NY
2017-12-31 Denver, CO
2017-12-30 Denver, CO
2017-10-22 Brooklyn, NY
2017-07-09 Asbury Park, NJ (3 Hr. 2 Set/3 Song Encore Rager)
2017-07-07 New York, NY (Below Par/Pouring Rain)
2017-01-22 Jim Thorpe, PA (Melissa/Steelers lost/Sad Stassik)
2016-07-17 Asbury Park, NJ (Sarah/Cigarette Cables/Joel set List/Pigeons afterparty)
2016-05-29 Chillicothe, IL (Forced myself to wake up to make this set)
2016-05-28 Chillicothe, IL (Wizard Burial Ground)
2016-05-27 Chillicothe, IL (1st Summer Camp)
2016-02-11 Jim Thorpe, PA (All Night Long cover/Sal 1st show)
2016-01-22 New York, NY (Sawyer Encore/Bayliss Wine Glass Stomp /Faraq Drumstick/ next night show cancelled snowstorm)
2016-01-21 New York, NY (Beacon Home Opener Frey/Bowie salute)
2015-07-17 Asbury Park, NJ (Inflatable Pig)
2015-01-17 New York, NY (Dick head throws water at Joel's keys)
2015-01-16 New York, NY (Smoked a cig with Jake after sound check outside)
2014-10-31 Boston, MA (Monster Mashups)
2014-08-10 Asbury Park, NJ (Bayliss Set List/Waterfalls)
2014-06-05 Hunter, NY (Solo Trip/Meyers Drumstick)
2014-05-03 Port Chester, NY (Umbowl/Meyers Drumstick)
2014-01-17 New York, NY (Busted Belt buckle)
2013-10-24 Stroudsburg, PA (Closest to home Show)
2013-10-16 South Burlington, VT (Squeeks first Game of Golf)
2012-07-28 New York, NY (Lauren)
2012-07-01 Asbury Park, NJ (Lauren)
2010-07-31 Bridgeport, CT
2010-02-27 Philadelphia, PA (Suzi)
2009-07-11 Masontown, WV
2009-04-11 New York, NY
2009-04-10 New York, NY (Ali)
2008-07-24 New York, NY (First Umphreys Mcgee show)

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