Umphrey's McGee: January 29, 2003 – The Union Bar, Iowa City, IA, USA

Set 1: Intro[1] > Resolution > Space Funk Booty, Hurt Bird Bath[2], Ringo[3] > The Triple Wide[4] > Drums[4]

Set 2: Andy's Last Beer, In The Kitchen, Nothing Too Fancy[5], Miss Gradenko > Push the Pig > Dump City, The Crooked One

Encore: Smell the Mitten[6]

[1] started out of Pee Wee's Big Adventure theme being played over the P.A.
[2] with Eric Levy on keys with Joel
[3] with Wabash (John Scofield) jam
[4] with Alan Hertz on timbales
[5] with Wappy Sprayberry and Glory jams and Merrily We Roll Along (Charlie Tobias, Murray Mencher, and Eddie Cantor) tease
[6] with Over the Hills and Far Away (Led Zeppelin) jam to open, sung over Smell the Mitten