Umphrey's McGee: February 11, 2023 "Jam Cruise" – MSC Divina, Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean

One Set: Plunger > Day Nurse, 40's Theme, Push the Pig[1] > Small Strides, 1348[2] > Drums[2] > 1348[3], Creep[4], Escape Goat > The Linear[5]-> Glory[6], Bridgeless

[1] with Little Stranger rapping
[2] with Rory Dolan replacing Kris on drums; with Andee Avila and Kris on percussion
[3] with Andee Avila on percussion
[4] with Kanika Moore on vocals
[5] with Mike Dillon on percussion; with The Floor jam
[6] with Mike Dillon on percussion