Umphrey's McGee: November 1, 2002 – The Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Set 1: Intro > Slacker > 10th Grade-> White Man's Moccasins, Rastaman Chant > Smell the Mitten, Dazzey Duks, 2nd Self[1] > Pay the Snucka[2], Jam[3], Syncopated Strangers

Set 2: No Quarter > Resolution[4] > (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Prowler, 13 Days, Dough Bro[5] > In Violation of Yes[6], Linus and Lucy[7] > FF-> Anchor Drops > Get In The Van, Release > No Quarter

Encore: unknown song[8] > Soul Food I > Soul Food II

[1] with Much Obliged tease; ended with Barney Miller theme (Elliott/Ferguson) jam
[2] part III only
[3] with Mike on keys with Joel, and Jake beatboxing and singing Europe Endless and Hall of Mirrors (both Kraftwerk); with Funkytown (Lipps Inc) and Theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (John Williams) teases
[4] with Carol of the Bells (Mykola Leontovych) and Pick Your Nose jams
[5] debut, original: first time played in full; with Muff II: The Revenge teases
[6] with Peter Gunn Theme (Henry Mancini) and Thunderstruck (AC/DC) teases
[7] with Symphony #40 Molto Allegro (Mozart) tease
[8] with Lissie on vocals