Umphrey's McGee: April 2, 2011 "UMBowl II" – Park West, Chicago, IL, USA

Set 1: Cummins Lies > In The Kitchen[1], Bonafide Lovin'[2] > Q*Bert > All In Time[3]

Set 2: Stew Art Event

Set 3: Ruled By Secrecy[4], Bus Call[5], Going to California[6], #19[7], I Heard It Through the Grapevine[8], Great American[9] > Jam[10] > Great American[9], Big Bottom[10], FF[11], Zeroes & Ones[12], Much Obliged[13], In Violation of Yes[14]

Set 4: Nothing Too Fancy[15] > "Mrs Robinson's Strut", Divisions > Glory > Divisions, A Fifth of Beethoven, Blue Echo > 1348 > Blue Echo > 1348, Tom Sawyer[16]

Encore: Another Brick in the Wall/Thriller

[1] Spanish version
[2] with TV Rules the Nation (Daft Punk) jam
[3] completes 2010-04-24
[4] debut, Muse; Joel solo
[5] debut, original; Brendan solo on keys
[6] debut, Led Zeppelin; Jake on acoustic guitar and Brendan on mandolin
[7] debut, original; Jake and Ryan
[8] Jake, Ryan, and Andy
[9] Jake, Ryan, Andy, and Joel
[10] with Jake on drums
[11] with Jake, Ryan, Andy, and Brendan on bass; Joel on keytar; and Kris on drums
[12] debut, original; with Jake on moog Taurus, Ryan on iPhone, Brendan and Joel on keys, Kris on drums, and Andy on percussion
[13] with Brendan, Joel, Ryan, and Mike Mirro on drums (original line-up)
[14] with Jake on bass, Brendan on guitar, Joel and Ryan on keys, Andy and Mike on percussion, and Kris on drums
[15] "bluegrass version", unfinished
[16] debut, Rush