11.02.2019 The Fillmore - Philadelphia, PA

One Set: Triangle Tear, Similar Skin, Kabump, Mulche's Odyssey, Uncommon

set for those who purchased the VIP package

11.02.2019 The Fillmore - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Wizard Burial Ground[1], The Linear > Walletsworth, Preamble > Mantis > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Half Delayed > Hurt Bird Bath, Bombtrack[2]

Set 2: It Doesn't Matter[3], Plunger > Yoga Pants -> August[4] > Plunger > Partyin' Peeps, In The Kitchen[5] > Mantis

Encore: Pay the Snucka

[1] completing the 11.01.2019 version
[2] with Marlon Lewis on drums and Kris on voals
[3] with James Casey on saxophone
[4] with Hysteria (Def Leppard) tease
[5] with Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix) tease in intro
last Bombtrack 2016-12-30 (268 shows)
Support: Star Kitchen

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