Performances of "Space Funk Booty" (40)

Show Venue
2019-02-21 Clyde Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN
2013-01-23 Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC
2010-07-04 The Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO
2009-09-18 Mesa Theater & Club, Grand Junction, CO
2005-04-28 Copper Dragon Brewing Company, Carbondale, IL
2003-12-11 The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI
2003-10-22 Clearwater Theater, West Dundee, IL
2003-09-24 The Union Bar, Iowa City, IA
2003-07-25 Farmapalooza, Mondovi, WI
2003-07-15 Mogollon Brewing Company, Flagstaff, AZ
2003-06-08 Woodbury Ski Area, Woodbury, CT
2003-04-09 Lambda Chi Alpha House, Auburn, AL
2003-03-30 8150 Club, Vail, CO
2003-03-21 The Egyptian Room, The Murat Centre, Indianapolis, IN
2002-02-27 Stella Blue, Asheville, NC
2002-02-05 Cicero's, St. Louis, MO
2001-11-29 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN
2001-10-31 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
2001-10-05 The Duck Inn, Evansville, IN
2001-09-14 The Lion's Den, New York, NY
2001-09-02 The Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI
2001-07-10 Winston's, San Diego, CA
2001-07-03 Tongue-N-Groove, San Francisco, CA
2001-05-11 Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI
2001-04-19 House of Blues, Chicago, IL
2001-04-04 Sherpa & Yeti's, Breckenridge, CO
2001-02-23 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI
2001-02-19 Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY
2001-02-16 Club Metronome, Burlington, VT
2001-02-03 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
2001-01-27 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL
2000-12-09 Joe's, Chicago, IL
2000-11-25 The Patio, Indianapolis, IN
2000-11-18 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN
2000-11-08 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI
2000-10-06 Park West, Chicago, IL
2000-09-29 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN
2000-09-16 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
2000-09-14 The Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL
2000-09-07 Otto's, DeKalb, IL