Performances of "In The Kitchen" (42)

Show Venue
2020-03-05 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO
2020-02-14 Arena, Asheville, NC
2019-09-19 Piedmont Hall, Greensboro, NC
2019-09-01 Saranac Brewery, Utica, NY
2019-05-24 Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, IL
2019-01-18 Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH
2018-05-19 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
2018-03-07 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO
2018-01-11 Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
2017-04-22 House of Blues, Dallas, TX
2016-08-06 Iroquois Amphitheater, Louisville, KY
2015-12-30 Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
2013-08-21 The Crossroads KC, Kansas City, MO
2013-02-09 The Pageant, St. Louis, MO
2013-01-31 Buster's Billiards & Backroom, Lexington, KY
2012-11-01 Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA
2012-09-13 Sumtur Amphitheater, Omaha, NE
2012-07-06 Harmony Park Music Garden, Clarks Grove, MN
2012-03-23 Roseland Theater, Portland, OR
2012-02-02 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
2011-10-27 The Bama Theatre, Tuscaloosa, AL
2011-09-13 Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY
2011-06-26 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, Columbus, OH
2010-08-01 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
2010-01-22 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO
2008-09-12 The Granada Theater, Dallas, TX
2007-08-26 Riverview Music Festival, Chicago, IL
2005-10-18 Music Farm, Charleston, SC
2005-08-28 Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park & Campground, Bean Blossom, IN
2005-03-11 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
2004-11-04 The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI
2004-06-05 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI
2004-03-17 Workplay Theatre, Birmingham, AL
2003-12-31 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL
2003-10-01 The Dame, Lexington, KY
2003-06-30 The Six Rivers Brewery, Eureka, CA
2003-05-14 Oasis One-Sixty, Chicago Heights, IL
2003-03-21 The Egyptian Room, The Murat Centre, Indianapolis, IN
2003-03-17 The Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL
2003-03-06 The State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
2003-03-03 The Crowbar, State College, PA
2002-12-07 The Rave Underground, Milwaukee, WI