Review by 3x40oz, posted 18 November 2014 10:23 am EST, attached to 2011-01-29

I was sort of skeptical of this show's prospects when the band neglected to jam out of the opening JaJunk, dropping right into Booth Love from JaJunk part I. Luckily, the gift of hindsight allows me to feel foolish for doubting a winter ter 2011 show. Turn & Dub is a contender for best version ever; excellent second jam in this one. Improv was also neglected in the PtP > Deeper > PtP sammich, with a drop right into the second half of JaJunk to close a pretty pedestrian first set.

The second set is where shit took off: huge standalone Mulche's, standalone B1/2 with a nice lyrical, Bombtrack with Ilya for the br0z (should've been Sludge & Death!), and a CWII that eschewed the usual 4 on the floor thump for a more atypical, jazzy jam built over two Jake progressions. Sociable, Andy's, and National Anthem is a run of songs I'd be happy to catch at any show. The encore Bird Bath was short, but the Imperial March jam was super choice.

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