Review by SourPatch, posted 21 November 2012 5:04 pm EST, attached to 2006-10-21

My first time spent in LA just with friends, this venue was right on the edge of Hollywood... with like, strange vibes, really superficial people. And they came out starting with Syncopated Strangers, which was like a perfect complement... and the sound of this show fits really well, acoustics and what not.

At the end of Sync, when you're expecting that finishing major resolution, it comes straight in with a punch from an abstract intro to Hurt Bird Bath, that turns you inside out. Great 1st improv, and after the heavy hits, goes into this eerie slow composition, turning really heavy, it's giving me pins and needles writing about it. To me, it seemed like a perfect reaction to the environment.

Check it out, at least those two songs!

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