Review by UtopianSludge, posted 04 November 2012 9:53 am EST, attached to 2011-02-17

Ever since me and a few of my buddies made the trip from Auburn, AL up to Asheville, NC for this one it has been known amongst us as "The Show". It was a fantastic atmosphere as well as a kick ass setlist.

The first set was killer with a dance party in red tape. sweet home alabama teases in bad poker. and epic tinkle. the burning down the house cover was awesome. the moog theremin plus jake makes for a trippy and mesmerizing jam.

The plunger after the set break was classic with an intricate and deep jam that jake and BB rocked. Last man swerving had a badass progressive jam.ROUNDABOUT!!!!! enough said. all of that goes back into plunger all perfectly executed.

Then the encore was completely opposite sides of the spectrum. A great show! i recommend it to a new found UM fan or a seasoned vet.

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