Review by YourPalJay, posted 17 July 2014 9:18 am EDT, attached to 2010-07-17

There's a lot of love for Set 1. I like Words. Bird Bath was strong. Girlfriend was a monster closer. But Set 2 had a crazy intensity to it, especially the first half.

There were thunderstorms all around the venue and everyone would agree it wasn't a matter of *if* the show would be cut short for weather, it was *when*. So the band took a minimal (10 min?) setbreak and came out with the intention of playing as long as they could. What resulted was a Set 2 where each of the first 4 songs was played as if it was the show closer. Great peaks, huge solos, major intensity. All with Waful's lights playing hand-in-hand with the lightning backdrop.

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