Review by fractalmoe, posted 28 March 2016 4:02 pm EDT, attached to 2016-03-24

This show is incredible. Both first and second sets have character. I was stoked to hear In The Black live for the first time, I think this song is one of their best yet and can't wait to hear it recorded in the studio. 2nd Self and Utopian Fir are both Hall of Fame worthy. I've never seen an UM crowd so fired up than during the Utopian Fir jam -- the entire place was bouncing like it was a god damned rave... it was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

The second set Cemetery Walk sandwich is delicious. It really pulls the whole thing together and the CW II ending is one of the most incredible musicial moments I've ever seen live -- Waful deserves some credit here too because the synchronicity between the band and the lighting at the end of that song was surreal.

Farag singing Dirty Love was fun and perhaps a foreshadowing of the Arthur Barrow sit-in that took place two days later at the Wiltern in LA.

Encore was meaty and satisfying, Andy's Last Beer being the spinner.

Nothing short of an amazing show here. Tahoe represent!

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