Review by mja271, posted 18 October 2012 10:15 pm EDT, attached to 2009-04-05

This was a really great show. Getting to see a full on acoustic show is something that was a big treat for me. As much as the band shreds electrically, I've always been impressed with the beauty and subtlety of their acoustic style. This can be seen here in the great first set run of Water > Sweetness > Fearless. The cover selections were on point; Floyd, Blind Faith, Wings, Seger...can't beat that. Really enjoyed the Nemo jam, hearing a rare Never Cease, an energetic Peeps, and the debut of Ride On Pony. Great vibe and energy from the band (they were especially tipsy for much of the show for Kris' birthday) and excellent playing. A great view of a different side of UM.

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