Review by pmahon, posted 11 December 2014 11:04 pm EST, attached to 2014-11-01

Stellar show from first note to the very end of Gulf Stream. After the night before with the incredible mashups of Halloween, I was not sure what to expect after hearing stuff like All in Time, Ocean Billy, N2F, and the insane opener of 1348/Kitchen. Cut the Cable got things going fast and then they laid into some of the best jams I have ever heard with The Floor, Higgins and Slacker both awesome highlights of the first set.
The Second set started with an unbelievable bridgeless, den, and bridgeless, which was the first 30mins of the set and left the audience stunned. Kashmir and Pay the Snucka were really strong to end the set and Kashmir in particular were very impressive. The band was super tight throughout the whole night and after a night of great mashups it was awesome to see them lay into a really strong show full of improv. This night I also stood a bit further back to appreciate the lights (night before I was rail) and the lights as always are an amazing part of the band. Waful always does an incredible job and this night was no different.
The encore was incredible and choosing Gulf Stream to close out the weekend was awesome. After two incredible nights of music and hanging out with the band as part of UmVip, capping off the weekend with Gulf was the best choice they could have made. It was my first time experiencing Halloween with UM and I look forward to many more shows with them in the near future!! mm/.

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