Review by rondackmtns1, posted 18 October 2012 10:47 am EDT, attached to 2008-04-10

This was my first Umphrey's show — and a real sizzler. The boys came on after my first few Pork Slaps at the bar and proceeded to melt face with a tight and intimate club show. World>Nemo>Prolwer is my pick with some great Chinese intervals. Billy Jean is an obvious fit to sandwich with Regulate. Miss Tinkles brought the house down before a rock-solid Floor encore.

Being it was my first show, and having only heard a few Umphrey's songs on Jam On and YouTube, I didn't quite get what was going on in front of me. We picked up the soundboard on the way out and cranked it the whole way home. It was then that “I got it," and I've been a Umphrey's fan ever since.

I’d keep this recording within arms reach.

A special show for me and an awesome venue where I've had some good memories. Too bad Rev Hall stopped hosting shows ...

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