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The following 81 shows are on this list:

2019-07-03 Anaheim, CA (Kris and Sarah)
2019-06-23 Morrison, CO (Run in w/ Police)
2019-06-22 Morrison, CO (Backstage w/ Audrey)
2019-06-21 Morrison, CO
2019-03-02 Los Angeles, CA
2019-03-01 Oakland, CA (Party Bus From Oakland)
2018-12-31 Atlanta, GA (Rail Jake side)
2018-12-30 Atlanta, GA (Devon & Akash on Balcony)
2018-12-29 Atlanta, GA (K Airbnb Party house)
2018-12-28 Atlanta, GA (Thomas w/ Marriott afterparty)
2018-03-24 Los Angeles, CA (A/C Unit)
2018-03-23 Oakland, CA (Party Bus from Oakland)
2018-03-22 Stateline, NV (Sush)
2017-12-31 Denver, CO
2017-12-30 Denver, CO
2017-12-30 Denver, CO
2017-12-29 Denver, CO
2017-10-28 St. Paul, MN
2017-10-27 St. Paul, MN
2017-03-18 Los Angeles, CA
2017-03-12 San Rafael, CA
2017-03-11 Oakland, CA
2016-12-31 Chicago, IL
2016-12-30 Chicago, IL
2016-10-22 Philadelphia, PA (Devon Akash Bro Bro Tyler)
2016-10-21 Philadelphia, PA (Jill Barby)
2016-10-20 Philadelphia, PA (Solo run)
2016-03-26 Los Angeles, CA
2016-03-25 Oakland, CA
2016-03-24 Stateline, NV
2016-01-02 Denver, CO
2016-01-01 Denver, CO
2015-12-31 Denver, CO
2015-12-30 Denver, CO
2015-05-02 Las Vegas, NV
2015-05-01 Las Vegas, NV
2015-03-06 Los Angeles, CA
2014-12-31 Atlanta, GA (Balcony Joel Side “I’m on drugs”)
2014-12-30 Atlanta, GA (Sarah Nale)
2014-03-15 Los Angeles, CA
2013-12-31 Denver, CO (Troy Ticket)
2013-03-23 West Hollywood, CA (Dance Party hangover?)
2013-03-22 West Hollywood, CA (Maisie, Dance Party. Munn climb tree)
2013-03-16 Oakland, CA
2012-03-18 Sacramento, CA (No Go to Tahoe. Ticket at venue. Lighter to Bayliss to open beer)
2012-03-17 Oakland, CA (With Jon Tichenor)
2012-03-16 West Hollywood, CA
2012-02-04 Indianapolis, IN (Moonshine. Indy Crew. Party Bus)
2011-11-26 Chicago, IL
2011-11-25 Chicago, IL (With DAD! Right behind Jason and Brian smoking a joint. Lost in CHI.)
2011-06-25 Indianapolis, IN (Crop dust Munn. First UM Pin GITV)
2011-02-16 Charleston, SC
2010-12-31 Chicago, IL
2010-12-30 Chicago, IL
2010-12-29 Chicago, IL
2010-08-14 Atlanta, GA
2010-08-12 North Myrtle Beach, SC (Justin Bernassi)
2010-06-02 New Orleans, LA (10 hr drive, kris. Met Andy.)
2010-02-13 Charlotte, NC
2010-02-12 Charleston, SC
2010-02-11 Asheville, NC
2010-02-06 Atlanta, GA (Kris, Eminence Front)
2010-02-05 Nashville, TN (Floyd David Kris)
2009-12-31 Chicago, IL
2009-12-30 Chicago, IL
2009-12-29 Chicago, IL
2009-03-14 Indianapolis, IN
2009-03-13 Indianapolis, IN (Ginny. Hot Tub.)
2009-03-04 Birmingham, AL (Ginny/John drove home to make Finals)
2009-02-22 Charlotte, NC
2009-02-21 Asheville, NC
2009-02-21 Asheville, NC (Mooged Out. Met band. Picture in paper)
2008-12-31 Chicago, IL (Good E. Pushed beds together)
2008-12-30 Chicago, IL (Bunk L.)
2008-12-29 Chicago, IL
2008-11-16 Charleston, SC (Kris first show)
2008-09-05 South Bend, IN (Joint in Shamrock Park. Africa.)
2008-07-18 Indianapolis, IN (Lamborghini, Cops, Mushrooms, Portapotty, Sarah Nale, Rhinocerous, Moon)
2008-06-13 Manchester, TN
2008-06-13 Manchester, TN (Met Bayliss)
2007-08-18 Noblesville, IN

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