Umphrey's McGee: March 21, 2005 "Jam in the Dam" – Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

One Set: We're Going to War, The Bottom Half, Push the Pig[1], Syncopated Strangers[2], The Triple Wide[3] > Anchor Drops, Trenchtown Rock[4], Der Bluten Kat[5], Much Obliged > Robot World, Resolution > Making Flippy Floppy[6] > Wife Soup[7]

[1] with Lose Yourself (Eminem) tease
[2] with with The Woody Woodpecker theme (George Tibbles and Ramey Idriss) tease
[3] with Aron Magner and Steve Molitz on keys with Joel; with Jake on percussion for a bit; at one point, Brendan, Jake, and Ryan all had left the stage; with 7 Seconds to Radio Darkness (Particle) tease
[4] with Keller Williams on lead vocals
[5] with Wife Soup tease
[6] with Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) tease
[7] with Du Hast (Rammstein) quote