Umphrey's McGee: October 23, 2002 – Garden In the Heights, Houston, TX, USA

Set 2: Miss Tinkle's Overture[1] >

Encore: All Night Long[2]

Set 2: Lenny 2x2[3], Bass solo, JaJunk, Another Brick in the Wall[4] > In the Flesh? > The Crooked One, The Triple Wide > Mulche's Odyssey[5] >

Set 1: Intro >

Set 2: Example 1[6] >

Set 1: Walking On The Moon Get In The Van, Uncommon, Hurt Bird Bath > Wappy Sprayberry > White Man's Moccasins, Dump City, Divisions,

[1] with Beat It (Michael Jackson) and Crosseyed and Painless (Talking Heads) teases
[2] with Jake on percussion
[3] with Feels So Good (Chuck Mangione) tease
[4] part II
[5] with Unforgiven (Metallica) tease
[6] ended with John Reuter on flute; with Fade to Black (Metallica) tease