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OrneTTe October 18, 2012
This show was originally scheduled to be on the Peoria Riverfront but it was super cold all that week so the show was moved indoors. I was a little bummed about the move but was happy about a hometown UM show. The venue at Expo Gardens looked like an old high school gym or cafeteria; the bathrooms like high school locker rooms. The first set was solid but nothing really outstanding. The Fuzz had the slower funky feel and I believe was a nod to the Peoria Police Dept. who lined the walls, Blues Brothers style. The set closed with the short-lived Cold Smoke, which is just Go To Hell with lyrics. I was on a Beatles kick during the time so I Want You was a nice addition.

The second set was a little more interesting. If you have not done so, LISTEN TO THIS MUCH OBLIGED! It may be the best MO of all time. N2F>Bottom Half was pretty good. Red Tape was nothing special, like most Red Tapes during this time. A Rush cover is always ok in my book. Encore was a lot of fun. Who doesn't like Wife Soup? And the transition back into N2F is pretty darn good. Overall it was a pretty solid show but a total shit show when it came to the crowd and venue. I saw girls dropping like flies from being too drunk and the men's bathroom became a swamp of urine and overflowed toilet water. With the cops there, it just made it feel like an old school rock show. Fun times.