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02.06.2021 "Wrapped Around Nashville" Roctopus's Garden, Nashville, TN, USA

Set 1: Der Bluten Kat[1] -> Alex's House, Slacker, Night Nurse > Phil's Farm[2], The Fuzz[3] > Padgett's Profile, Partyin' Peeps

Set 2: Wappy Sprayberry > Front Porch, All Things Ninja, Attachments -> Draconian, Roctopus, The Triple Wide, August

[1] unfinished
[2] with Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin) tease
[3] with In a Silent Way (Miles Davis) teases

the band played live from Kris's studio as a virtual concert
first set was in "choose your own adventure" style, with those purchasing a stream having voting for the next "adventure": Der Bluten Kat or Miss Tinkle's Overture; Alex's House, Cut Off, or Thin Air; Morning Song, Slacker, or Words; The Fussy Dutchman, Kabump, or Night Nurse; Phil's Farm, Walletsworth, or 1348; The Fuzz, Higgins, or Intentions Clear; Den, Glory, or Padgett's Profile; Partyin' Peeps or finish Der Bluten Kat

This show does not count for statistics.

Purchase via UMLive: 02.06.2021, Wrapped Around Nashville, Nashville, TN

On This Day...

03.08.2014 The Fox Theater, Oakland, CA, USA

Set 1: In The Kitchen > Mullet (Over), There's No Crying In Mexico > Spires, Glory > Wife Soup, Nothing Too Fancy[1] > In Bloom, Wappy Sprayberry > In The Kitchen

Set 2: Wizard Burial Ground, Bad Friday, Mulche's Odyssey, Tango Mike > Higgins, Life During Exodus, Partyin' Peeps[2]

Encore: Bridgeless > Regulate > Bridgeless

[1] unfinished
[2] with True (Spandau Ballet) chorus quote from Brendan

Support: The California Honeydrops

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