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05.29.2021 Crofoot Festival Grounds, Pontiac, MI, USA

Set 1: Slacker > 1348, Women Wine and Song > End of the Road, Domino Theory, Prowler > Whistle Kids > Andy's Last Beer

Set 2: Leave Me Las Vegas > All In Time > Push the Pig, Room to Breathe, It Doesn't Matter[1] > Drums > Remind Me, All In Time

Encore: We're An American Band[2] > Pay the Snucka

[1] unfinished
[2] debut, Grand Funk Railroad

this was a "pod" show
last Leave Me Las Vegas 07.05.2013 (658 shows)

Purchase via UMLive: 05.29.2021, Crofoot Festival Grounds, Pontiac, MI

On This Day...

06.12.2007 Majestic Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA, USA

Set 1: Intro -> Sociable Jimmy, Syncopated Strangers[1] > Push the Pig[2] > Syncopated Strangers > The Haunt -> A Go Go, Hangover

Set 2: Out Of Order > Women Wine and Song > Nothing Too Fancy > 13 Days > Nothing Too Fancy, Slacker, Blue Echo > Hajimemashite > Robot World[3]

Encore: Shine On You Crazy Diamond

[1] with Push the Pig teases
[2] with Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Eve) teases
[3] with Dump City tease

Support: Underground Orchestra

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