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UWPointers April 2, 2016
Its been near 12 and a half years later . . . and I still listen to this show for the great lead off into a classic, gritty Phil's Farm and the intimacy of the venue. The Witz End was a small bar/supper club in the middle of nowhere that couldn't fit more than 75 people, tops. The show was the day AFTER the famed "Steve Bartman" game, and prior to the show a group of us UW-Pointers went early for pre-show beers, and were fortunate enough to imbibe and visit with the band and watch the Cubs playoff game. They were not happy about the previous day's Bartman game, and went into the show even more downtrodden due to a Cubs Game 7 loss immediately before the show began. Yet, a fantastic and intimate show in a great, classic Wisconsin atmosphere. Sadly, the Witz End later burned to the ground.

UWPointers April 1, 2016
Great show on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (my alma mater). A great time, and notably Set 2 was incredible. Kinda a strange venue, but this show will always hold a place in my heart, if only because (at the time) it was home.

UWPointers April 1, 2016
Amazing show in a small venue in Northern Wisconsin. Hard to believe it happened over 11 years ago. Lots of firsts in this show for me personally - a great Africa, and an absolutely ripping NTF and Jimmy Stewart. A personal favorite. This show remains in my listening rotation 11 years later!