Umphrey's McGee: November 29, 2001 – The State Theatre, South Bend, IN, USA

Set 1: Intro > Out Of Order > FF[1] > Out Of Order, Roulette, Get Down > Prowler > Andy's Last Beer > Anchor Drops, (Don't Fear) The Reaper > The Fussy Dutchman

Set 2: Nothing Too Fancy[2] > Phil's Farm[3], unknown song[4], Equal Rights, Soul Food I > Nothing Too Fancy > Pay the Snucka[5], A Go Go, The Fuzz, Utopian Fir > unknown song[4], Xxplosive > Space Funk Booty

Encore: Mullet (Over)

[1] unfinished; with Master of Puppets (Metallica) tease
[2] with There's a Hole in My Bucket (trad) quote
[3] with There's a Hole in My Bucket (trad) quotes
[4] with Gary "Dope Rhymes" Stanfield rapping
[5] with California Love (2Pac) quote (with "Compton" changed to "South Bend")