Umphrey's McGee: March 22, 2002 – House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USA

Set 2: Drums >

Encore: Power of Soul

Set 2: Get In The Van Weed Rap[1], Push the Pig > Syncopated Strangers, The Haunt[2] > Mullet (Over), August, Moogasauras Rex > The Triple Wide, In the Hall of the Mountain King[3],

Set 1: Hurt Bird Bath >

Set 2: Walking On The Moon > Der Bluten Kat,

Set 1: SeƱor Mouse Utopian Fir > Walletsworth, Baby You're A Rich Man[4], Blue Echo > All In Time, Drums, Anchor Drops > Dump City,

[1] with Elliott Peck on vocals; with Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers) quote from Elliott
[2] with Release (Pearl Jam) tease
[3] jam only
[4] with One (Metallica) tease