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What is

Answer: - or "ATU" - is the most comprehensive data engine ever built about all things Umphrey’s.

How is this version of ATU different from the previous one?

Answer: The original setlist file was an HTML and text file and served as the foundation for ATU version 1, which moved all of the setlist data into a relational database. Over time, the code powering ATU version 1 began to show its age. It was based on PHP 5 and relied on functions and methods that are no longer supported and are certain not best practice. This version of ATU is based on Songfish, a setlist engine written by the same author.

What happened to all the "Jimmy Stewarts"?

Answer: "Jimmy Stewarts," "Jazz Odysseys," and "Jams" have essentially been various ways of saying the same thing - the band is improvising. The "Jimmy Stewarts" listed throughout the "old" setlist file starting on September 21, 2001 have not disappeared. Rather, the songs in which the "Stewarts" existed are now notated with a color change (green). All instances of "Jams" and "Jazz Odysseys" are also marked in green, to help you visually identify songs and moments of unique improvisation.

All Jimmy Stewarts documented in setlists can be found here.

What happened to set-opening "Jazz Odysseys"?

Answer: "Jazz Odysseys" and intro jams have been codified as "Intros."

Why should I register for the site?

Answer: By registering with an account on ATU, you can record personal shows and statistics as well as contribute reviews of Umphrey's shows.

What are groups (formerly lists)?

Answer: Groups are discrete, user-defined groups of shows that you can build from our database. Let's say you want to run "stats" on all shows you saw in one state, or lists all shows in your UMLive FLAC collection: all of this can be done with Groups.

How do I add my shows?

That's it!

How do I create a list?

What about these fan-submitted reviews?

Answer: We encourage fans to review shows and add their thoughts to ATU. We feel reviews will only help in enriching the site. We just have a few guidelines:

All reviews are subject to moderation by the administrators. The content of reviews should concentrate on the music. While atmosphere shapes one's experience, reviews should focus primarily upon the concert itself. Superfluous content, particularly involving illegal activity or contentious topics, will be moderated. Reviews on ATU have a minimum character count to encourage thoughtfulness and insight.

How do I submit a correction to a setlist or note?

Answer: Please email [email protected], including the date in question in the subject of the email.

Who wrote this site?

Answer: This was written, and is maintained, by Adam Scheinberg. He can be found at It's based on a software system called Songfish.

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