Notable Jams

Show Date SongArtist Venue Name City StateNotes
2006-04-03EatUmphrey's McGee Park West Chicago IL
2006-04-08EatUmphrey's McGee Roseland Theater Portland OR
2007-02-17EatUmphrey's McGee Fillmore, The San Francisco CA
2007-03-05EatUmphrey's McGee Fox Theatre, The Boulder CO
2007-05-25EatUmphrey's McGee Three Sisters Park Chillicothe IL
2007-06-02EatUmphrey's McGee Hunter Mountain Hunter NY
2007-10-05EatUmphrey's McGee Granada Theater, The Dallas TX
2008-09-01EatUmphrey's McGee Fox Theatre, The Boulder CO
2008-10-11EatUmphrey's McGee Higher Ground South Burlington VT
2008-11-13EatUmphrey's McGee Canopy Club, The Urbana IL
2010-02-09EatUmphrey's McGee WorkPlay Soundstage Birmingham AL

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