Notable Jams

Show Date SongArtist Venue Name City StateNotes
2000-09-07Q*BertUmphrey's McGee Otto's DeKalb IL
2000-10-27Q*BertUmphrey's McGee State Theatre, The South Bend IN
2001-04-03Q*BertUmphrey's McGee Quixote's Denver CO
2004-05-27Q*BertUmphrey's McGee Shank Hall Milwaukee WI
2004-10-27Q*BertUmphrey's McGee Arcata Community Center Arcata CA
2005-04-01Q*BertUmphrey's McGee Meridian Houston TX
2005-04-13Q*BertUmphrey's McGee Newport Music Hall, The Columbus OH
2005-05-11Q*BertUmphrey's McGee WOW Hall Eugene OR
2011-09-14Q*BertUmphrey's McGee Capitol Center for the Arts Concord NH

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