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04.13.2008 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA

Set 1: Hurt Bird Bath[1], Mullet (Over), Search 4, Water > Andy's Last Beer, Got Your Milk (Right Here)

Set 2: Women Wine and Song > It's So Easy, Blue Echo, Pay the Snucka[2], Thin Air, JaJunk[3]

Encore: Uncommon > Kimble

[1] with Miss Tinkle's Overture teases
[2] with One Nation Under a Groove (Funkadelic) teases
[3] with Kula jam

last It's So Easy 05.01.2004 (515 shows)

Purchase via UMLive: 04.13.2008, Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
Reviews: 1 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by mja271, posted 18 October 2012 10:11 pm EDT

This was my first UM show. Looking back it may not have been the best I've seen but I can't help but remember how blown away I was by their playing. A 20+ minute HBB to start off was a great way to break me in. Not a ton of jams in the show, but everything was played very well and the GnR cover was a nice unexpected twist. The encore was certainly "uncommon", but had me leaving with a big smile on my face. Overall, it was a great way to be introduced to this band in the live setting for me.

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