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12.12.2015 Brendan and Jake, Park West, Chicago, IL, USA

One Set: Similar Skin > Gulf Stream, Cut the Cable, Susanah[1], Syncopated Strangers[2], Carol of the Bells, Dancing Days[3], Bron-Yr-Aur[1], Down By the Seaside[3], Push & Pull[4], Goodbye Yellow Brick Road[5], Two Dips[6], Paranoid[7], Tempted[1], Comma Later[2], The Weight Around[1], Showdown[8], Baby Bitch[1]

Encore: Last Train Home[1], Upward[1], Black Water[1]

[1] with Joel, Andy, and Mike Racky on pedal steel
[2] with Joel and Andy
[3] Led Zeppelin; with Joel, Andy, and Mike Racky on pedal steel
[4] original; just Brendan
[5] Elton John; with Brendan on keys and Jake on drums
[6] with Joel, Andy, Mike Racky, and Wade Wilby on vocals
[7] Black Sabbath; with Joel, Andy, Mike Racky on bass, and Wade Wilby; with Christmas lyrics
[8] with Joel, Andy, and Mike Racky on pedal steel; with Christmas lyrics

Brendan and Jake's 13th Annual Acoustic Holiday Show, with proceeds benefitting The People’s Music School of Chicago

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