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Auld Lang Syne was originally performed by Robert Burns
It has been performed live by Umphrey's McGee 20 time(s).
It was last performed 39 show(s) ago.
Average performance gap: 113.85
Yearly Performances
Date Played VenueShow Gap Performed By
2019-12-31 Fillmore Auditorium Denver CO96Umphrey's McGee
2018-12-31 The Tabernacle Atlanta GA87Umphrey's McGee
2017-12-31 Fillmore Auditorium Denver CO91Umphrey's McGee
2016-12-31 Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL100Umphrey's McGee
2015-12-31 Fillmore Auditorium Denver CO94Umphrey's McGee
2014-12-31 The Tabernacle Atlanta GA106Umphrey's McGee
2013-12-31 Fillmore Auditorium Denver CO104Umphrey's McGee
2012-12-31 The Tabernacle Atlanta GA115Umphrey's McGee
2011-12-31 The Pageant St. Louis MO109Umphrey's McGee
2010-12-31 The Riviera Theatre Chicago IL111Umphrey's McGee
2009-12-31 Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL121Umphrey's McGee
2008-12-31 The Auditorium Theatre Chicago IL113Umphrey's McGee
2007-12-31 Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL119Umphrey's McGee
2006-12-31 Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL132Umphrey's McGee
2005-12-31 Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL140Umphrey's McGee
2004-12-31 The Riviera Theatre Chicago IL144Umphrey's McGee
2003-12-31 The Vic Theatre Chicago IL156Umphrey's McGee
2002-12-31 The Vic Theatre Chicago IL160Umphrey's McGee
2001-12-31 The Vic Theatre Chicago IL140Umphrey's McGee
2000-12-31 The Cubby Bear Chicago IL238Umphrey's McGee
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