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I got a secret but you're kinda like a polygraph
I'd write it down, it's bigger than a paragraph
You think this dropped right into my lap, you do

I borrowed lines but I don't intend to give ‘em back
Apologize, for turning to another trap
It doesn't matter you turned you're back

And I called for you
With no answers, no rules
Did I wait too long
Or write it down wrong?

I'd fake a smile but I know that you can see through it
I walked for miles, I thought that it would help my debt
So sit me down and smack me round until I listen up

It's not a cage if you're feeling like a resident
I'm so amazed, pretend it was an accident
I've been surrounded, all around it and I've had enough

Time won't change you or repay you
(look at ya now)
You've got your angles, let me handle this

I won't bother to recover,
There'll be others and I insist

Lies can't hide you, they won't try to
You'll deny those words exist