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Was it me?
How was I so mistaken
Couldn't see
Now my faith's a little more than shaken
If I were you
Well I wouldn't even bother
But what could I do?
Even if you told me like you should
Coming to even if you told me like you should
Coming unglued like I never thought I would
There were a few, but did ya even mean it
Maybe for you I was just too convenient

If it was tell me how was I so mistaken?
I couldn't see at all the road I was taking
It can happen to you even though you think you're so immune
If only you knew then again what could you do
I couldn't breathe I had these lofty expectations
But I won't agree that I wasn't one who lacked some motivation
If I were you then maybe I'd still be here
But I never knew
If I could turn around and simply disappear

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