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Lift me up, sit me up, or I won't make it
I set it down, I saw you turned around
I can't explain, Can you explain the rest?
I filled to top, at least I thought
But now these pieces won't connect

He didn't know he was the victim of a crime
Or even notice that particular time
Tried to explain it but it didn't quite line up

I really doubt he even made a connection
He missed his sister when he saw a reflection
Got turned around and went the wrong direction

He's barely there by now but manages to talk somehow
As every word is slowing down

Come up for air only to breathe more pollution
You didn't factor in your own contributions
Twist it around until you find a solution

Overreacted when they gave you what was less than
What you expected though an educated guess then
Tried to retracted when you stated your confession

He's fading faster now so asking him the question how
As all he knows is upside down

There's no need to overthink this through
I feel fine
Let me lie right here

From the beginning it was all too revealing
Back in the middle did you know what you were stealing
And in the end you're only running from the feeling

You run in place to make your own translation
Bury your face into your own imagination
And start to worry ‘bout the wrong calculations

He's barely hanging on with no idea that something's wrong
As every word just waits too long

I'll concede to what I need from you
I feel fine
Let me lie down here

One last promise before I fall
I might say things I don't recall, you can forget ‘em all