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I forget sometimes to remember
Write it down before I lose it
The assessment comes and I surrender
It happens every time
And there's no indication anybody's ever
Gotten it right and has the answer
But that won't make you wake up feeling any better
You don't need to remind me at all
We've all been lost sometimes
We've all felt left behind
You can't let that define you
There's never any signs to
Show you where to go
Like you're supposed to know what's right
Hurry up and pick your side
Someone told me once that age was just a number
I never found no comfort there
Then I realized ‘cause maybe I was younger
That I don't really care
Cause I don't make the rules but I learned how to bend them
A lesson learned could still be taught
And if I forgot a few well don't get too offended
I guess it's all my fault
It's all my fault
Sometimes things go right
It's never overnight
But don't get too excited
I don't think you're invited
If everybody's changing
And if you still feel the same things
Then tell me who's to blame this time