Statistics for shows where "Mantis" was played

All Debuts Seen (47 songs)

Show Date Song Notes
2019-12-28 Tribulations debut, LCD Soundsystem
2019-06-23 What Is and What Should Never Be debut, Led Zeppelin; with Jason Bonham on drums and James Dylan on vocals
2019-06-23 Ramble On debut, Led Zeppelin; with Jason Bonham on drums and James Dylan on vocals
2018-08-12 Drift Away debut, Dobie Gray; with Taylor Hicks
2018-05-31 What We Could Get debut, original
2018-01-13 Looks debut, original
2017-09-23 Hold Me Now debut, Thompson Twins
2016-07-03 Join Together debut, The Who; with Jake on harmonica
2016-01-01 Gone for Good debut, original
2013-11-02 Push the Booth Deeper debut; Booth Love + Deeper + Push the Pig mash-up
2013-11-02 The Bed's Too Big Without You debut, The Police; incomplete
2013-08-25 You Got the Wrong Guy debut, original
2013-04-27 (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay debut, Otis Redding; Brendan on mandolin
2013-04-27 Web Tangle debut, original
2013-04-27 Larceny debut, original
2012-12-30 Cut the Cable debut in full, original
2012-12-30 Hey, Hey What Can I Do debut, Led Zeppelin; with Brendan and Jake on acoustics
2012-10-31 Money For Nothing debut, Dire Straits
2012-08-07 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi debut, Radiohead
2012-07-01 Mother debut, Danzig
2012-04-27 Forty-Six & 2 debut, Tool
2012-04-27 Lift & Separate debut, original
2012-04-27 Den debut, original
2012-04-27 Comma Later debut, original
2012-04-27 REW debut, original; with lyrics
2012-04-27 White Pickle debut, original
2012-04-27 9:30 debut, original
2012-04-27 Liberty Echo debut, original
2012-04-27 Dream Team debut, original
2012-04-27 Theresa debut, original; with lyrics
2011-03-13 Kid Charlemagne debut, Steely Dan; instrumental; dedicated to Owsley "Bear" Stanley
2011-01-31 Susanah debut band in full, 30db
2010-12-30 Roundabout debut, Yes
2010-07-03 Don't Stop Until Crosstown Traffic debut, Michael Jackson / Jimi Hendrix mash-up; with Galactic
2010-03-04 No Comment debut, original; initially referred to as Pop Tart
2009-12-29 Steppin' Razor debut, Joe Higgs (Peter Tosh)
2009-10-29 Hollywood Nights debut, Bob Seger; with Q*Bert teases
2009-10-03 Go to Hell debut, original; originally called Cold Smoke
2009-04-11 Bonafide Lovin' debut, Chromeo
2009-02-22 Comfortably Numb debut, Pink Floyd
2009-02-20 Cummins Lies debut, original
2009-01-24 Red Tape debut, original
2009-01-24 Cemetery Walk II debut, original
2009-01-22 Turn & Run debut, original
2009-01-22 Mantis debut, original
2009-01-22 Preamble debut, original
2009-01-22 Spires debut, original

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