Statistics for shows where "Utopian Fir" was played

All Debuts Seen (127 songs)

Show Date Song Notes
2019-10-31 Reggatta de Blanc debut, The Police
2019-10-31 Spirits in the Material World debut, The Police
2019-10-31 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic debut, The Police
2019-10-31 Can't Stand Losing You debut, The Police
2019-10-31 Synchronicity II debut, The Police
2019-10-31 King of Pain debut, The Police
2019-06-22 Take Me To the River debut, Talking Heads (Al Green); with Elias and Garett on vocals, Brouwers on trumpet, and Sanderson and Schwartz on saxophones
2019-05-26 Outshined debut, Soundgarden; with Andy on drums and Kris only on vocals
2018-12-30 Virtual Insanity debut, Jamiroquai; with Jeff Coffin on saxophone, Cory Wong on guitar, and Jake on keys
2018-07-20 Bitch debut, The Rolling Stones; with Chris Brouwers on trumpet, and Greg Sanderson and Josh Schwartz on saxophones
2018-07-07 Total Eclipse of the Heart debut, Bonnie Tyler; with Jen Hartswick on vocals and trumpet
2018-03-14 So Far Away debut, Dire Straits
2018-02-18 Dark Brush debut, original
2017-12-31 The Silent Type debut, original
2017-12-31 Canary in a Coalmine debut, The Police; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2017-10-28 Little Red Corvette debut, Prince
2017-10-28 1999 debut, Prince
2017-10-28 Let's Go Crazy debut, Prince
2017-10-28 Raspberry Beret debut, Prince
2017-10-28 I Wanna Be Your Lover debut, Prince; with Ahmed Gallab on vocals; with #5 jam
2017-07-23 Escape debut, Rupert Holmes; incomplete
2017-07-23 Cochise debut, Audioslave
2016-07-02 Muffin Man debut, Frank Zappa; with Dweezil Zappa on guitar and vocals
2015-12-30 Silver Machine debut, Hawkwind; incomplete
2015-05-22 The Grobe debut, Ween; with Gene Ween
2015-05-22 Spinal Meningitis debut, Ween; with Gene Ween
2015-05-22 Take Me Away debut, Ween; with Gene Ween
2015-05-22 Japanese Cowboy debut, Ween; with Gene Ween
2015-05-22 Voodoo Lady debut, Ween; with Gene Ween
2015-05-22 Even If You Don't debut, Ween; with Gene Ween
2015-05-22 Transdermal Celebration debut, Ween; with Gene Ween
2015-05-22 Baby Bitch debut, Ween; with Gene Ween
2015-01-01 Full Frontal debut, original; with Phil's Farm teases
2015-01-01 Hindsight debut, original
2014-05-04 Similar Skin debut, original
2014-05-04 Proverbial debut, original
2014-02-01 The Message debut, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five; instrumental, with Jake on keys
2013-12-31 Things Can Only Get Better debut, Howard Jones; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2013-12-31 Sussudio debut, Phil Collins; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2013-12-31 Bad Friday debut, original; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2013-12-31 Funky Stuff debut, Kool & the Gang; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2013-12-31 Hit It and Quit It debut, Funkadelic; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2013-12-31 Twilight Zone debut, Golden Earring; with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) teases
2013-10-31 Papa Can Change a Blurred Stone debut; Papa Was a Rolling Stone (The Temptations) + Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke) + Got to Give It Up (Marvin Gaye) + I Can Change (LCD Soundsystem) mash-up
2013-10-31 Don't Fear the Doves, Snucka debut; When Doves Cry (Prince) + Pay the Snucka + (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult) mash-up
2013-10-31 Electric Avenue to Hell debut; The Triple Wide + Highway to Hell (AC/DC) + Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant) mash-up
2013-06-21 Happiness is a Warm Gun debut, The Beatles; with Divisions fake-out
2013-04-20 Get Lucky debut, Daft Punk; incomplete
2012-05-26 Depth Charge debut, original
2012-04-28 Two Dips debut, Brendan, Wade Wilby, and Clayton Halsey
2012-04-28 The Trooper debut, Iron Maiden
2012-04-28 The Good Times Are Killing Me debut, Modest Mouse
2012-04-28 La Grange debut, ZZ Top
2012-02-11 Freedom of '76 debut, Ween
2010-12-29 Peg debut, Steely Dan
2010-08-06 Thunder Kiss '65 debut, White Zombie; partial
2009-10-03 Go to Hell debut, original; originally called Cold Smoke
2009-03-12 Time debut, Pink Floyd
2009-02-19 Catshot debut, original
2009-01-24 Red Tape debut, original
2009-01-24 Cemetery Walk II debut, original
2008-12-13 Day Dreaming debut, Aretha Franklin; with Jennnifer Hartswick on trumpet and vocals
2008-10-31 Sad Clint Eastwood debut; Sad But True (Metallica) + Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz) mash-up
2008-10-31 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 debut, Bob Dylan
2008-10-31 TNT/Paranoid/Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap debut, AC/DC + Black Sabbath mash-up with Bon Scotty Osbourne (Whitfield Crane) on vocals
2008-10-31 Phil's 7 Nation Money Farm debut, Umphrey's McGee + The White Stripes + Pink Floyd + Led Zeppelin mash-up
2008-10-31 Another Brick in the Wall/Thriller debut, Pink Floyd + Michael Jackson mash-up
2008-10-31 The Triple Wide/Robot Rock debut; Umphrey's McGee + Daft Punk mash-up; with Jamie Shields on keys and Darren Shearer on percussion
2008-10-14 Snake Juice debut (standalone), original
2008-09-01 Crazy Fingers debut, Grateful Dead; Jake solo acoustic; unfinished
2008-02-15 Gulf Stream debut, original
2008-02-15 Bombtrack debut, Rage Against the Machine; with Ilya Stemkovsky on vocals and Brian Felix on keys
2008-02-08 That's All debut, Genesis
2007-12-30 Right Off debut, Miles Davis; with Michael "Mad Dog" Mavridoglou on trumpet and conducting; with Entrance of the Gladiators (Julius Fučík) tease
2007-12-30 Search 4 debut, original
2007-12-30 Can't You Hear Me Knocking debut, The Rolling Stones; with Jeff Coffin on saxophones
2007-12-16 Legalize It debut, Peter Tosh; with Andrew Tosh on vocals
2007-09-13 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy debut, Joe Zawinul
2007-03-14 Thela Hun Ginjeet debut, King Crimson; with Adrian Belew on guitar and vocals
2007-03-14 Masoko Tanga debut, The Police
2006-11-08 Bridge Of Sighs debut, Robin Trower
2006-07-18 Meeting in the Aisle debut, Radiohead
2005-12-30 Play This debut, Keller Williams; with Keller Williams on guitar and vocals
2005-11-04 Honky Tonk Women debut, The Rolling Stones
2005-08-26 Higgins debut, original
2005-04-01 Memphis Underground debut, Herbie Mann
2005-04-01 Friend of the Devil debut, Grateful Dead; one verse only, done "reggae" style
2005-02-16 Believe the Lie debut, original
2004-12-09 Cowboys from Hell debut, Pantera; instrumental
2004-10-22 Great American debut, original
2004-03-25 Miles Beyond debut, Mahavishnu Orchestra; with Brendan on Rhodes
2004-02-23 Sludge & Death debut, original; with OM Trio
2003-12-29 Shine On You Crazy Diamond debut, Pink Floyd; Parts I - V; with Michael "Mad Dog" Mavridoglou on trumpet and Wes Cichosz on saxophone
2003-10-31 Heart and Soul debut, Huey Lewis and the News; Joel on keytar
2003-10-31 ...And Justice for All debut, Metallica; with Let's Go Crazy (Prince) intro
2003-10-31 Mail Package debut, original
2003-10-31 Ocean Billy debut, original
2003-10-31 White Wedding debut, Billy Idol; with Vince on vocals dressed as Billy Idol; with Rebel Yell (Billy Idol) ending
2003-10-31 Halloween theme debut, John Carpenter; Joel only
2003-09-23 Winston Built the Bridge debut, Bump
2003-04-20 You Gotta Move debut, The Rolling Stones (Davis/McDowell)
2003-03-27 Hot for Teacher debut, Van Halen; one verse
2003-02-07 Pork Chop Pie debut, Ali Baba's Tahini; with Karl Engelmann
2003-02-07 Kiss Me Deadly debut, Lita Ford; with Karl Engelmann
2002-12-30 Cherub Rock debut, The Smashing Pumpkins; only Jake, Brendan, Ryan, and Mike
2002-12-13 The Empire State debut, original; with lyrics about Joel; with Regulate (Warren G) tease at beginning
2002-10-04 Headphones & Snowcones debut, original; with Jake on drums and Mike on marimba at front of the stage
2002-09-07 Jamaica Farewell debut, Harry Belafonte; with Mike on steel drums, Jake on drums, and Brendan on percussion
2002-08-29 13 Days debut, original; "Dolls Coke Elvis"
2002-07-04 Mondo Garaj debut, Garaj Mahal; with Garaj Mahal, Andy and Jake on percussion, Steve Molitz on keys, and Joel on keys for the first half of the song
2002-07-04 Junct debut, Garaj Mahal; with Garaj Mahal, and Andy and Jake on percussion; Jake, Andy, Joel, and Mike played percussion until Garaj Mahal slowly filtered off stage; ended with The Same Thing and Cocaine (J.J. Cale) teases
2002-05-17 Glory debut, original; acoustic
2002-04-20 Bullhead City debut original, with Elliott Peck on vocals; acoustic
2002-04-18 Resolution debut in full, original (Ali Baba's Tahini composition)
2001-12-31 Machine Gun debut, The Commodores; with Pat Mallinger on alto and soprano saxophone and David Young on trumpet
2001-12-31 Farther Down The Road (You Will Accompany Me) debut, Taj Mahal; with Pat Mallinger on alto and soprano saxophone; includes Alex Myers's wedding proposal to Lissa complete with ring in hand
2001-12-31 Apeman debut, The Kinks
2001-12-01 War Pigs debut, Black Sabbath; first verse only
2001-12-01 Waiting Room debut, Fugazi
2001-10-31 (Don't Fear) The Reaper debut, Blue Öyster Cult
2001-10-31 Stonehenge debut, Spinal Tap; complete with dancing elves and mini-Stonehenge model; ended in a "beatbox breakdown"
2001-10-26 Weed Rap debut, original; with Elliott Peck on vocals
2001-10-26 Xxplosive debut, Dr. Dre; with Elliott Peck on vocals
2001-10-04 Hurt Bird Bath debut, original
2001-08-28 YYZ debut, Rush
2001-08-18 Got Me Wrong debut, Alice in Chains
2001-08-16 Utopian Fir debut, original; with Prowler jam

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