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Show Date Song Notes
2019-08-10 Hurt Bird Bath with Domino Theory teases
2019-08-10 Phil's Farm with Hang Up Your Hang Ups (Herbie Hancock) teases; unfinished
2018-02-03 JaJunk with Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) jam and Third Stone from the Sun (Jimi Hendrix) teases
2018-02-02 Pay the Snucka with Decoy (Miles Davis) tease by Ryan
2017-02-02 Soul Food II with Holly Bowling on keys; with Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes) teases
2015-08-09 Booth Love with Xxplosive (Dr. Dre) teases
2015-08-09 No Diablo with The Fish (Yes) teases
2013-02-01 FF with Too Much Time on My Hands (Styx) teases
2013-02-01 August with Dig-A-Da (Ali Baba's Tahini) teases
2011-02-05 Hurt Bird Bath with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) tease
2011-02-05 Sociable Jimmy with Xxplosive (Dr. Dre) tease
2010-12-31 Partyin' Peeps with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns; with Auld Lang Syne tease
2010-12-31 Nothing Too Fancy with Carol of the Bells (Leontovych) teases
2009-10-09 JaJunk with In the Kitchen teases
2009-10-07 Example 1 with Xxplosive (Dr. Dre) teases
2009-07-05 In The Kitchen with The Triple Wide teases, unfinished
2009-04-18 Soul Food I with So What (Miles Davis) teases
2008-12-31 The Haunt with Roundabout (Yes) tease
2008-12-29 The Bottom Half with The Triple Wide teases
2008-12-29 2x2 with Meeting In the Aisle (Radiohead) tease
2008-07-19 Wappy Sprayberry with Another Brick In the Wall (Pink Floyd) teases
2008-06-07 FF with Xxplosive (Dr. Dre), Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None) (Snoop Dogg), Regulate (Warren G) and Lose Yourself (Eminem) teases
2008-06-06 Pay the Snucka with Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, Hot For Teacher, Mean Street, and Eruption (Van Halen) teases in intro
2008-06-05 Intentions Clear with Syncopated Strangers teases
2008-06-05 Syncopated Strangers with The Triple Wide tease in intro, and with The Woody Woodpecker Song (Tibbles/Idriss) tease
2007-12-31 All In Time with Top Gun Anthem (Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens) tease
2007-12-31 Much Obliged began with Liquid tease
2007-12-30 Partyin' Peeps with Muffburger Sandwich teases
2007-12-30 Right Off debut, Miles Davis; with Michael "Mad Dog" Mavridoglou on trumpet and conducting; with Entrance of the Gladiators (Julius Fučík) tease
2007-12-30 Utopian Fir with Can't You Hear Me Knocking (The Rolling Stones) tease
2007-12-01 Utopian Fir with One Nation Under a Groove (Funkadelic) and Life During Wartime (Talking Heads) teases
2007-12-01 The Triple Wide with Carol of the Bells (Mykola Leontovych) jam and Greensleeves (trad) teases
2007-12-01 Bright Lights, Big City with Portrait of Tracy (Jaco Pastorius) tease by Ryan (12.01 was Jaco's birthday)
2007-08-31 Intentions Clear with Linus and Lucy (Vince Guaraldi) tease
2007-08-31 Waiting Room with Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach) tease
2007-08-26 In The Kitchen with Brendan on percussion; with Another One Bites the Dust (Queen) and Nachos For Two teases
2007-08-25 The Crooked One ended with Nothing Too Fancy teases
2007-03-16 #5 with Adrian Belew on guitar; with Blue Echo tease
2007-03-16 Bridgeless began with Kimble tease
2007-03-15 Miss Tinkle's Overture began with Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) tease
2007-03-15 August with Jessica (Allman Brothers) tease
2006-09-08 Syncopated Strangers began with Regulate (Warren G) jam; with Entrance of the Gladiators (Julius Fučík) teases from Jake and Brendan
2006-09-08 40's Theme began with Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (AC/DC) tease
2006-09-07 Higgins with Paradise City (Guns n' Roses) tease
2006-09-07 Push the Pig began with In My Time of Dying (Led Zeppelin) tease; with Jake on keys

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