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Show Date Song Notes
2013-04-20 Booth Love with Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees) teases
2011-04-22 Ringo with For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield) teases
2011-04-20 1348 with Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) teases
2010-06-03 Thin Air with The Pink Panther Theme (Henry Mancini) teases
2010-02-09 Kabump with Born Under a Bad Sign (Albert King) and Meeting in the Aisle (Radiohead) jams; 2nd Self teases
2010-02-09 Eat with Ocean Billy tease
2010-02-09 Mulche's Odyssey with Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) tease
2008-09-12 Prowler with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) and Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love (Van Halen) teases
2008-09-11 Thin Air with Roundabout (Yes) teases
2007-10-06 Nemo with Kenny Liner on beatbox; with Gz and Hustlas (Snoop Dogg) teases
2007-10-06 Hangover with Sam Holt on guitar; with Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Jimi Hendrix) teases
2007-05-05 Push the Pig with Lose Yourself (Eminem) teases
2007-05-05 Mail Package began with with Misirlou (Dick Dale) teases
2007-05-05 2x2 with Sociable Jimmy teases
2006-12-29 Blue Echo with Funky Monks (Red Hot Chili Peppers) tease
2006-12-29 August with Linus and Lucy (Vince Guaraldi) tease
2006-11-10 Anchor Drops with Breathe (Pink Floyd) and Women Wine and Song teases
2006-05-26 Nothing Too Fancy with Partyin' Peeps tease
2005-12-31 Resolution with Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) tease; with the horn section
2005-12-31 Jam with the horn sections, and Jake replacing Kris on drums; with One Nation Under a Groove (Parliament) teases
2005-12-30 Women Wine and Song with Keller williams on guitar and vocals and Scarlet Begonias (Grateful Dead) tease
2005-12-30 Utopian Fir with In a Silent Way (Miles Davis) tease; ended with Keller Williams on guitar
2005-09-04 Uncle Wally with Thunderstruck (AC/DC) tease
2005-09-04 JaJunk with Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns N' Roses) tease
2005-06-03 Soul Food I with teases, including Muffburger Sandwich
2005-06-03 Hurt Bird Bath with Muffburger Sandwich, Music for a Found Harmonium (Patrick Street), and Ringo teases
2005-06-02 Kinky Reggae with Nothing Too Fancy and Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd) teases
2005-06-02 Nothing Too Fancy with Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) tease
2005-05-28 Women Wine and Song with Tennessee Jed (Grateful Dead) teases
2005-05-28 Mulche's Odyssey started with You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) tease
2005-05-28 Black Water started with Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) tease
2005-05-27 In The Kitchen with Regulate (Warren G) tease
2005-05-27 Hurt Bird Bath with Todd Stoops on keys and Chris Michetti on guitar; with Binary Sunset (Star Wars) (John Williams) and Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns N' Roses) teases
2005-04-02 Willie the Pimp with Born Under a Bad Sign (Albert King) tease
2005-04-02 Kabump with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) teases
2005-04-01 Example 1 with Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Iron Maiden) tease
2005-04-01 Plunger began with Divided Sky (Phish) tease
2005-03-31 August with Is There Anybody Out There? (Pink Floyd) tease
2005-03-31 Mulche's Odyssey with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) teases
2004-09-11 Tribute to the Spinal Shaft with L.A. Woman (The Doors) tease
2004-09-11 Example 1 with Born Under a Bad Sign (Booker T. Jones and William Bell) tease
2004-09-11 In The Kitchen began with For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (AC/DC) tease
2004-09-10 Bright Lights, Big City with The Woody Woodpecker theme (George Tibbles and Ramey Idriss) tease
2004-09-09 The Fuzz with The Spirit of Radio (Rush) and Glory teases
2004-09-09 August with Bridgeless tease
2004-09-09 Ocean Billy with Bridgeless tease
2004-04-29 FF with All In Time teases
2004-03-19 Pay the Snucka with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) and Stranglehold (Ted Nugent) teases and Sludge & Death quote
2004-03-19 Nothing Too Fancy with Walletsworth and Pipeline (The Chantays) teases
2004-03-19 Pipeline with Mail Package teases
2003-04-24 2x2 with Power of Soul (Jimi Hendrix) and Feels So Good (Chuck Mangione) teases
2003-04-24 Hurt Bird Bath with Get In The Van, It's About That Time (Miles Davis), and Water teases
2003-04-24 Andy's Last Beer with Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns N' Roses) tease

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