Statistics for shows where the venue was The Bluebird Nightclub

All Teases Seen (34 songs)

Show Date Song Notes
2013-02-10 Nothing Too Fancy with It's About That Time (Miles Davis) tease
2013-02-10 Ringo with Rapper's Delight (Sugarhill Gang), Xxplosive (Dr. Dre), G'z and Hustlas (Snoop Dogg), and Regulate (Warren G) teases
2003-12-05 The Haunt with Fletch theme (Harold Faltermeyer) and Spanish Caravan (The Doors) teases
2003-12-05 Utopian Fir with Glory tease
2003-12-05 Kabump with The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) teases
2003-12-05 Big Heart with Professor Wormbog tease
2003-12-05 2x2 with "Zsa Zsa Gabor, Fifi" lyrics and Star Wars theme (John Williams) tease
2003-12-04 Resolution with Water teases
2003-12-04 JaJunk with Underworld (Super Mario Brothers) theme (Koji Kondo) teases
2003-12-04 Prowler with Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach) tease
2003-06-21 Soul Food II with Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin) tease
2003-06-21 Blue Echo began with For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (AC/DC) tease
2003-06-21 Nothing Too Fancy with Merrily We Roll Along (Tobias/Mencher/Cantor), Enter Sandman (Metallica), Stranglehold (Ted Nugent), and Hot for Teacher (Van Halen) teases
2003-06-20 40's Theme with Rapper's Delight lyrics (The Sugarhill Gang) from Brendan and Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Eve) tease
2003-06-20 All Things Ninja began with The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) tease
2002-11-14 Gin and Juice debut, Snoop Dogg; one verse; with Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang (Dr, Dre) teases
2002-11-14 The Song Remains the Same began with The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) tease
2002-08-16 Ringo with Hot for Teacher (Van Halen), Eminence Front (The Who), and Get Down (War) teases
2002-08-16 The Haunt with Much Obliged and Front Porch teases, and a Jose jam
2002-08-16 Dr. Feelgood with The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) teases
2002-04-29 Walletsworth began with Smoke On the Water (Deep Purple) tease
2002-04-29 The Haunt with bass solo, Blackbird (The Beatles) tease, No Quarter (Led Zeppelin) jam, and It's About That Time (Miles Davis) and The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) teases; with instrument rotation
2002-04-29 2nd Self with Voices Inside My Head (The Police) tease
2002-03-21 Last Man Swerving with Jake and Brendan on keys and Linus and Lucy (Vince Guaraldi) tease from Joel
2002-03-21 Pay the Snucka with Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love (Van Halen) teases
2002-03-21 The Fuzz ended in a Smurfs theme tease and beatboxing
2001-12-14 Much Obliged with Well, You Needn't (Thelonious Monk) teases
2001-12-14 Padgett's Profile with Imperial March (Star Wars) (John Williams) tease from Joel
2001-11-17 Intro with Ten Years Gone (Led Zeppelin) tease
2001-11-17 Hangover with Garbage Man (Ike Turner) teases
2001-11-17 Stonehenge with The End (The Doors) tease
2001-10-06 Utopian Fir with Uninvited (Alanis Morissette) tease
2000-09-29 Prowler with Olympics theme tease
2000-02-25 Fool in the Rain with Divisions tease

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