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spaceoutintime March 27, 2017
The Sandpoint shows were special, but this one in particular fulfilled all expectations, and then some.

An 18-minute opening Conduit with not one but two extended yams? Check. A five-song first set? Check. A songlist show? Check. An incredibly small, intimate venue with superb sound in a breathtakingly beautiful corner of this troubled planet? Check.

By set break, I was already satiated up to my eyeballs. And yet as such things go, I was still jonesing for more (never enough Umph!).

And as amazing as the first set was, the best was somehow still to come.

The second set is an amazing creation of perfect symmetry. The first three songs flow seamlessly (with Jake playing none other than Jerry Garcia's infamous Travis Bean 500 guitar!) into a long sought after Search 4 hinging into another continuous three-song tryptic of sonic wonder, and possibly my favorite combined moment of this show -- which already runneth over with riches. Which is to say that ITK- > No Comment > Rock the Casbah is the Real Deal. One heck of a party that.

And for good measure, the Plunger/ITK/Plunger sandwich encore sent us spinning out into the snowy night still dancing a perma-grin jig.

All in all, this show has it all. Perfect on-the-fly song selection, execution, and exploration. Could not have asked for more.

spaceoutintime April 8, 2016
I just finished listening to this show, two days after the fact, in three different sittings. But wow, even remotely, audio only, with interruptions, this show shines. Liquid velvety smoothness throughout. They were locked in from note one and feeling good. The first five songs (of a six song first set) flow effortlessly into one other, with Mad Love tacked on for good measure. I'm always a sucker for Miami Virtue, as it so often lends itself as a pliable launching pad, and this excursion is top notch. Set 2 keeps the flow going with many high water marks. Everything in it's right place. Their playing this night is inspired and relaxed. Great start to this year's Southern run.

spaceoutintime March 29, 2016
Among this particular west coast run, from Sandpoint, IDaHO, to The City of Angels: purring galore went down, catnip was fresh and organic, and -- (this night!) -- to my furry ears, was the cat's meow. First set, contender for favorite of the 10; set two is strong throughout but somewhat front loaded. Minor quibble for such high caliber executions unfolding as a single point of boundary dissolving music.

spaceoutintime October 3, 2015
It kind of blows my mind how only a trickle of people gush digital hyperboles after UM shows, considering how they bring It to every single one of their multitudinous appearances. Picking this particular outing to reveal a highly acute (or obvious, depending on which side you fall on) insight could almost be arbitrary. But this show is anything but hyperbole or arbitrary, at least in the ways it bounces around between my ears. And I wasn't even there! Something about the song selection all by its partial and lonely self, tickles my pleasure-gizzard, not to say mum about all the other scratched surfaces and pushed buttons. Where's the love?

spaceoutintime April 18, 2015
Maybe not at quiet the same level of energy and magic as the night before, but this was still one heck of a dance party and good time. A juicy Mantis sandwich in the second set containing the most unforgettable, accurate, and powerful cover of the Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?" I have ever encountered (Patrick rocked the Casbah!). Then to top it off, the Radiohead/Beck/Phil Collins mash-up for an encore had to be seen/heard to believe. I can no longer resist the momentum of this music.

spaceoutintime April 18, 2015
Right up front, this was my first Umphrey's McGee show. Holy guacamole. Most likely you know the rest of the story. First set was offdahook. Miami Virtue, Ja Junk>...>...>JA Junk sandwich. Followed by a scorching second set without nary a throwaway either. These guys are the real shiznit.

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