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teleskiguy January 10, 2014
The Joshua Redman set is a fine example of people describing him as the "7th member of the band." (We all know that Waful is the 7th member, just like Kuroda is the 5th member, but I'm talking music). Just ridiculous musicianship. Joshua Redman on DBK alone is worth the money paid to buy this show.

Speaking of DBK 2nd set opener, Jaden Carlson's sit-in on DBK is a standout, very incredible 12-year-old gal from Boulder holding her own with UM, awe-inspiring to say the least! Listen to Jake yell out "OH YEAH!" at the end of her sit-in!

I effing loved the Plunger Jimmy Stewart, just real raw UM!

River People is one of the sexiest and funkiest things I've heard this band do onstage. I've listened to the first 4 minutes of this song about 30 times now, and I play it for my gal friends to great effect! River People can and should somehow make it into rotation.

Most of my favorite moments of the this NYE run are on this show.

teleskiguy June 2, 2013
Here's a link to a write up I did about this show:

I rolled VIP, bought the hotel package 4 days before the show. I drove out from western Colorado by myself. Worth all the time and treasure! If you enjoy Umphrey's McGee in any capacity UMBowl is a beautiful thing if you can get in.

Here's my "Choose Your Own Adventure" votes.

1348 > Lenny > 40s Theme > Miss Gradenko > Smell the Mitten > Bad Poker > Puppet String

And I was a little baffled by "Lenny" losing to "Higgins." Hey UMPhreaks, the band has played "Higgins" a bunch, they hardly ever play "Lenny," one of the most beautiful rock songs ever composed. That's my one gripe about the show. Which is trivial because the whole damn evening was one of the best rock 'n' roll experiences I've been a part of.

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