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RobLA16 August 27, 2016
First time UM concert goer impressions.

First impressions. I don’t know HOW they remember how all their songs go. It’s like Homer telling the Odyssey. Super impressive. Brendan and Jake. You are the dynamic fulcrum of the band. Jake is the unapproachable guitar wizard and Brendan is the friendly, compassionate frontman. They are the heart and soul of the band. and enhance each other. Big tumbs up to Ryan (nice Celtics jersey), Kris (nice vocal on I Got Love), Joel (beautiful keyboard break, esp during Gents) and Andy (or was it you on I Got Love). It’s one thing for one performer to be able to do it, but to have all 6 locked in, plus the Shady Horns (nice breakdown on Bad Friday), is unique.


1 Best song of the night for me was Gents, the opener. As a newbie this was sort of the pu pu platter of the UM experience. Everyone gets a little light under the sun.
2 I Got Love - which i didn’t know at the time (Nate Dogg) was a good inclusion. And it makes me think, their covers are pretty much gonna be confined to songs by acts that are no longer really doing it. I like that. So who else did west coast rap in Boston in 2016? I like that.
3 Bad Friday - Yes we all watch Around the horn, so you couldn’t go wrong. And it was a hot nasty Friday in Boston in front of a wilted, lackluster audience. The Shady Horns got to stretch out during this one too.
4 The guy who yelled “Free Tom Brady” right before Wizard Burial Ground.


1 Sorry but I was REALLY hoping for Glory. It had been 6 shows, and I thought it was due. But that’s just me. High hopes low expectations. Having said that…Glory is nothing short of a 21st century classic rock CLASSIC. The whole world should get to hear this song. Truly remarkable and truly one of a KIND.

2 The weather was horrible and sticky and like I said, and it was the end of a long Augist week. The audience seemed pretty wilted. And the band seemed a bit frustrated with that. Or maybe I’m projecting. And they took it out on the music. Hard and heavy all night. Very few light moments. Not a lot of smiling.


Fun to be Happy - Love Tractor. Listen to it, learn it, play it live. It’s perfect for UM.

PS Brown Sabbath was GREAT for the 18 or 19 of us who were there in time to see them.

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