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Review by alexholmes, posted 22 December 2017 1:23 pm EST, attached to 2008-06-05

Not really sure how a top 2/3 show of all time has zero reviews. Intentions Clear>Syncopated Strangers is still the best piece of improv UM has played, bar none. Robot World is up there with the best versions as well. MAKE 4 SONG SETS GREAT AGAIN!

Review by alexholmes, posted 22 December 2017 1:18 pm EST, attached to 2014-10-30

Review by graceofbordan, posted 05 October 2017 8:55 pm EDT
Such an amazing set but it doesnt show above how Eat is :Eat>Draconian>Eat: i just love these hidden mashup/transitions soo sick

That's because it's not. This Eat contained one of the building blocks that became Draconian. It's just a "Jimmy Stewart", much like 4/11/08 DBK isn't DBK>Cut The Cables>DBK or 9/4/05 3x isn't 3x>Spires>3x. The songs didn't exist yet.

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