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pjdwyer January 28, 2019
I hear a 46 & 2 (Tool) tease around 9:10 in Hindsight.

Great show, especially the second set. I hope for more 5 songs sets this year.

pjdwyer May 29, 2018
Nigel Hall from Lettuce guested on Synth (and Keys?) during Den as well. and he totally killed it. make sure he gets credit.

pjdwyer September 5, 2017
Drove down from Chicago just for this bad boy and then drove back up the next morning for North Coast Festival. Love this venue immediately. Great sound, great crowd, excellent beer section, clean bathrooms, plenty of room to move around.

What a burner. A Bridgeless for the ages. The Utopian > Night Nurse > Utopian > Kashmir is peak Umphrey's for me. Cap it off with a spirited Gulf Stream and the end of Bridgeless was a perfect encore.

Overall just a really fantastic show. Really glad I decided to go for it. Brought 2 virgins to the show and they both loved it and said they'd absolutely go back next time they come around.

pjdwyer July 26, 2017
I know as of this review that Eat doesn't show that they teased Footsteps by Pearl Jam, but they did from about 1:30-3:30. I know that guitar riff anywhere.

Fantastic show. The guys were locked in and ready to play. Absolutely worth the drive back and forth from Chicago and the lack of sleep that resulted. Cant believe I got to see them cover COCHISE! One of my favorite songs ever by any band. Onward & Upward, All Things Ninja, Kula, and the fantastic Out of Order closer were my highlights.

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