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username November 2, 2017
Great Show! Too bad you can't stream on a Roku with the Cleeng service. It took my whole Sunday to get a refund. I'm still getting e-mails from them. They keep telling me that they only take money and "protect" the stream. Not once do they take any responsibility. They say they are not the organizer, nor responsible. What BS!!! When the Roku channel has their name on it, and their name on the bill. The band needs to break away from this shady Cleeng. Whats funny is the band did their job, the streaming crew did their job( It works on a laptop), but yet the Cleeng channel doesn't work. A device built for streaming doesn't work. I guess they think my laptop is the best way to view and listen to music, not my T.V. and high end audio equipment. I can't wait until the band drops this client and moves to a platform like Nugs that actually works.

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