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07.20.2018 "The Peach Music Festival" Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA, USA

One Set: Triangle Tear, Remind Me, 40's Theme, Half Delayed > Maybe Someday, Ocean Billy[1], Utopian Fir[2], Bitch[3], Attachments[4], Sledgehammer[4]

One Set: JaJunk

[1] with Gents tease
[2] with Bombtrack (Rage Against the Machine) tease
[3] debut, The Rolling Stones; with Chris Brouwers on trumpet, and Greg Sanderson and Josh Schwartz on saxophones
[4] with Chris Brouwers on trumpet, and Greg Sanderson and Josh Schwartz on saxophones

Peach Stage

On This Day...

07.21.2004 Music Farm, Charleston, SC, USA

Set 1: Blue Echo[1] > Wife Soup, Much Obliged > Bad Poker, Kabump > Hey Nineteen > The Pequod > Plunger

Set 2: Padgett's Profile, Partyin' Peeps, Push the Pig[2], Uncle Wally[3] > Hurt Bird Bath, Thin Air, Bridgeless, Ringo

Encore: Space Funk Booty > Pay the Snucka

[1] began with Civil War ( Guns N' Roses) tease
[2] with Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang (Dr. Dre) tease
[3] "punk version"

with In Da Club (50 Cent) quote from Brendan after Push the Pig

Support: Perpetual Groove

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