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01.14.2018 Park West, Chicago, IL, USA

One Set: Half Delayed, Maybe Someday[1], Whistle Kids, Bridgeless > Cut the Cable[2] > Bridgeless, You & You Alone[3], Can't You See[4], Blue Echo > The Silent Type, Looks

[1] debut, original
[2] original version
[3] debut, original; Brendan and Jake on acoustics
[4] Brendan and Jake on acoustics

it's not us Release Party

On This Day...

01.16.2015 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA

Set 1: You Got the Wrong Guy > Cut the Cable, #5 > Walletsworth, Red Tape, Similar Skin[1] > End of the Road[1], Hurt Bird Bath[1]

Set 2: Nothing Too Fancy[2] > August, Educated Guess[1], Professor Wormbog[1], Ringo[1], Wappy Sprayberry[3] > Hajimemashite

Encore: Let's Dance > Nothing Too Fancy

[1] with Joshua Redman on saxophone
[2] with Jake on keys
[3] unfinished

with Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix) tease by Jake before Red Tape

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