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On All Things Umphrey's, You can run statistics on almost any discrete set of data. Here is a list of stats that can be run

Stats by All Shows
View stats for all UM shows, ever
Stats by Date
Select a year:
Select a month:
Select a day of the month:
Select a day of the week:
Stats by Venue
Select a venue:
Stats by Song
Select a song:
Stats by Geography
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Select a country:
Stats by Notable Event
Shows that:
Stats by User
Simply visit a user's profile and, if they've added their shows to a List, you can click the "Stats" button to view statistics of shows they've attended.
Stats by List
You can create a list of any shows you like. Simply login and click on the "Profile" in the upper right hand corner. From the "Lists" tab, click "Create a New List." From there, you can add any shows you want to a list and run stats on them.