10.01.1999 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN, USA

Set 1: Cantaloupe Island > The Other Side of Things > Drums, Hey Nineteen > Much Obliged, Example 1, Slacker, Mamu, Raymond > G-Song, Equal Rights, Phil's Farm

Set 2: Sociable Jimmy[1], Q*Bert, All In Time, All Things Ninja, Dirty Love[2], Front Porch[3], Jose, Red Baron, Hangover[4], Nachos for Two, Lively Up Yourself, 2x2, unknown song, I Want You Back, Der Bluten Kat

[1] debut, original
[2] debut, Fank Zappa; with Andy on vocals
[3] with Waterfalls (TLC) quote and Woody Woodpecker theme (Tibbles/Idriss) tease
[4] with Right Place Wrong Time (Dr. John) lyrics from Mike in intro (lyrics weren't all correct or in order) and Nookie (Limp Bizkit) quote

Ryan teased The Fussy Dutchman before Hey Nineteen and I Want You Back (Michael Jackson) and Piano Sonata No. 2 (AKA Funeral March) (Chopin) after Equal Rights.
The Sabre Dance (Aram Khachaturian) was teased before Sociable Jimmy.